Bethany Kamppila


Welcome! Home buying/selling can feel very overwhelming for some. Thatís why I pride myself on being able to assist and advise my clients with everything theyíll need during their transaction. Whether itís negotiating deals, offering advice , gathering information to keep you informed or just answering any questions you may have, I am available to you whenever your needs arise! Being born and raised in Northern Virginia has equipped me with a knowledge and history of this area that is invaluable to my clients. My job is to protect and promote your best interest, as well as use my knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. My goal as your agent is to provide assurance and get you to your dream as quickly and easily as possible! My clients are guaranteed to get my full attention and can rest assured Iím with them every step of the way. Contact me today @ (703) 598-2892 and letís get you home!